Report a stray nextbike

Simply enter the bike information and click submit. Once the text boxes refresh, your report is on the way!


By reporting stray nextbikes, our local service team is able to find, rescue and fix nextbikes at a faster rate which keeps nextbike ready to use for everyone.


You can report stray nextbikes by filling the form above, alternatively you can:


  • Contact our helpful customer service team here.
  • Send us a DM on social media @nextbikeUK.
  • In the case of personal bike theft or if you see a cycle crime taking place, contact the police right away by calling 101.


You can access this page via the nextbike app. Available in Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan only with more cities to be added soon. To see how, click here.


You can report stay nextbikes using What3Words - the fastest way to identify a precise location. Simply check the location on their app/website and let our team know about it using the form below. Thanks What3Words for collaborating with nextbike!