Standard Bikes


1. Register

Register via app, website or hotline or simply click here


By joining, you will also be able to rent bikes in every nextbike city worldwide


2. Rent

Rent via app, hotline or customer card.


Open the nextbike app and scan the QR code on the bike or enter the bike number.


You will receive a code to unlock the nextbike. Enter the code in the bike computer and press "OK".


Unlock the nextbike by removing the front lock from the wheel and dock, securing it in the holster behind the basket.


3. Park

Park your bike by moving the front lock through the wheel and press ‘P’ on the bike computer.


To unlock, enter the code on the bike computer.


Note – Parking does not pause your rental. Your time is still running.


4. Return

Push the bike into a dock at an official station.


Slide the lock through the front fork and the bike dock until it clicks and locks.


Tap any button on the bike computer and then press "OK" to complete the return.

Download the nextbike app now:

Download the nextbike app now:

Download the nextbike app now: