Customer Account

Registration via the app, website or directly at the terminal is free of charge. In addition, it is also possible to register over the phone. In order to activate your account, we will require either a bank or credit card transfer in value of either £1 or £10 (depending on the scheme). Once the credit card payment has been completed, your account will be automatically activated. Should you choose to pay via bank transfer, it may take 2 -4 days (depending on your bank) until your payment reaches us and your account can be activated.

If you wish to cancel your account, please send your cancellation letter via e-mail to In order to process your cancellation, we will require your complete profile information, which should include your full name, address, and the telephone number linked with your account.

Only one telephone number for each account is permitted.

Debits on my customer account

If your selected payment method is by credit card, the fees of your ride will be generally charged 24 hours after your rental. In case of a direct debit authorization, we will debit your bank account on a monthly basis.


Note: Prepaid cards are NOT accepted. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

You can always verify your rides in your customer account. Please log in with your telephone number and the 6-digit PIN code. It is also possible for us to issue an invoice to you upon request. In this case, we request that you please send a message to our customer service.

You can always get in contact with our customer service by phone 020 8166 9851 or e-mail to correct inaccurate calculations.

We will delete all your account details upon cancellation. It is also possible for us to transfer the outstanding amount back to you by request. Otherwise, the credit stays in your customer account and you can use it for your future rides.

Rates and Conditions

The annual rate is only valid for the first bike. All additional bikes will be charged at the standard rate of £1 for every 30 minutes, or a full-day price of £10 for 24 hours.

The annual rate is only valid for rentals within the UK, with the exception of the e-bike stations in Exeter.

The annual rate is valid for twelve months upon purchase and will be automatically renewed for an additional year if not cancelled in written form four weeks prior to expiration. If you want to cancel your annual rate, please send a short notice via e-mail to  or directly to our Customer Service at 020 8166 9851. The cancellation of the annual rate does not imply an automatic cancellation of your customer account. Should you want to have your customer account deleted, please also let us know in written form.

Rental system

You can usually best recognise our official stations by the station kiosks and bicycle racks. Generally, you can find all of our stations on our website and through the nextbike app. In case of doubt, please contact our customer service at 020 8166 9851.

It is possible to rent up to four bikes at once under a single account. It can also be arranged to allow up to seven bikes at once in some exceptional cases. Please contact our service center to inquire more information. Requests for larger groups of eight bikers or more can also be scheduled by our team as well. Please contact Customer Service at 020 8166 9851

Because this rental was generated with our app, all corresponding rental information will continue to be provided directly over the app to avoid redundancy.

Your active nextbike registration makes it possible to rent bicycles within all cities and countries with an existing nextbike bike-sharing system.

You can park your bike en route and safeguard it by putting the lock through the front fork and using the parking mode 'P' on the board computer. To unlock the bike, enter the 4 digits code on the board computer and press 'OK'.


Note: The bike will still be rented while in 'Parking' mode.


Even if a terminal kiosk is out of service, you can still continue renting and returning bikes at the station via our app or service hotline. Please make sure to inform our customer service of any malfunctions by phone at 020 8166 9851 or e-mail so we can make sure to take care of it right away.


You are accountable for checking the bike of any possible damages before you start your journey. Please make sure to report any defects to us so that all affected bikes can be decommissioned and repaired as soon as possible. You can contact Customer Service at 020 8166 9851.


In the case that you have already started your ride when noticing a defect, such as that the gears or the breaks are not working properly, we kindly ask you to immediately stop your ride and contact our customer service at 020 8166 9851. It is only in this case that we can cancel your ride and register the bike for our repair service. Unfortunately, we can't credit you the fees for any time spent riding a bike with evident malfunctions.



The bike can only be taken and returned within the same city, otherwise high return fees will incur.

If all bike racks are full, you can just leave the bike next to the station and check out the bike by phone or via app. The bike has to be locked.

If the station is still not relaying any signal, please proceed to close the lock and press "C", that will return the bike. Alternatively, you can call the service hotline at 020 8166 9851. 

nextbike Customer Card

The nextbike customer card makes it easier for you to rent a bike at our station terminals and via the board computer on the bike. You can order a card during the registration process, or even later via our service hotline at 020 8166 9851.

It is possible to order several customer cards so that one account can be shared with another person.Please note:In this case, the person who is registered as the official account holder would be held liable for any damage or loss.

Please contact our customer service at 020 8166 9851 if your customer card does not seem to work at several stations. We will then make sure to send you a new customer card. If you notice that your customer card is not working on one particular station, it is possible, that the terminal kiosk of the station is not working properly.