Cardiff OVO Bikes are down but not out


This isn’t the news we wanted to share. Starting on the 15th of November, OVO Bikes service will be temporarily suspended in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and bikes will not be available again until the new year. We don’t take this painful step lightly. As many of you have noticed, a wave of vandalism and theft has hit the fleet hard over the past year, and despite our best efforts, it has left hundreds of bikes either damaged, destroyed or even underwater.

We don’t intend to let that hold us back! It does, however, mean we need to pause service to address the problem and reinforce our bikes so that we can provide a reliable bike sharing experience that meets our standards and gets you a bike when and where you need it.

We know that bike sharing is much more than just a service, it’s a way of life. It’s your way to work, your vehicle for coffee dates and appointments, your trusty companion for a little weekend sport and travel, and much more. It’s with this urgency that we will work hard together with our partners and the community to quickly bring the fleet back better and stronger in the new year.

What This Pause Means For You

When will the bikes be taken off the street?

Starting on the 15th of November, you will no longer be able to rent OVO Bikes in Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan. Any bikes you still see on the street will be collected to start repairing and rebuilding the scheme. We hope to have the bikes back and running early in the new year.

What will happen with memberships?

All memberships will be paused until the bikes are rentable again in the new year. They will then be automatically reinstated. For any questions, our customer service is happy to help: (0) 292 248 1736 |

I use bikes to get to work, what can I use now?

Although nothing can beat the freedom of an OVO Bike, there are some public transportation alternatives to help you get to work and around town in the downtime. Take a look at these websites to help you find a transportation option that works for you.

Cardiff Bus Traveline Cymru Keep Cardiff Moving Transportation - Vale of Glamorgan

Can I keep an OVO Bike in storage?

Even though they are pretty, we need every bike to be returned to rebuild the scheme. Please don’t keep any bikes in storage or anywhere else. Nextbike reserves the right to charge up to £200 (Standard Bikes) and £500 (E-Bikes) for vandalised, misused or stolen bikes.

We’ll Be Back Better and Stronger (With Your Help)

We wish to thank all of you who helped spot stolen and vandalized bikes over the last year. The level of community support is incredible and we hope you can help us more on the road to rebuilding the scheme. If you have any suggestions or ways to keep OVO Bikes a valued and integral part of life and transport in Cardiff and the Vale, feel free to let us know at:

If you see a lost bike please get in touch with us right away at To report a crime, please call 101 and if you are witnessing a crime occurring, please call 999.

It will be painful to see OVO Bikes temporarily off the streets in Cardiff and the Vale but your safety and delivering the service you expect and need are our top priorities. We hope to get through these challenges together and come out stronger on the other side.

Stay tuned to our website for updates as they come. We’ll be back and we hope you’ll be there with us.