Cycle Crime Reduction in Cardiff and the Vale


Cycle crime doesn’t just affect bike share, but the whole cycling community.


At the end of 2021, an unprecedented wave of vandalism hit the OVO Bikes network, forcing it to be suspended for repair. This unfortunate but necessary step meant that up until the relaunch in January 2022, there were no longer bikes available for many in the community who depend on bike share to get to work, school, and beyond. We want to ensure this never has to happen again. If you want to read more about the closure or what security measures we have in place, click here.


To help get to the root of the all-too-common problem of cycle crime, we've launched the Cardiff Cycle Crime Reduction Partnership (CCCRP) with local Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan organisations. Together, we don’t just want to reduce bike share crime, but we want to help create a safe and inviting cycling environment for everyone in the region.


 Here we will highlight the initiatives put in motion by this partnership, the partners involved, and how you can help.


How to Help Keep Cycling Safe and Reliable


Taking on cycle crime is more than a full-time job, it’s also a team effort. Here are a few easy things you can do to start reducing cycle crime:


  • Report a stray OVO Bike when you see it directly in the app, or using the button below this list.

  • Return standard OVO Bikes to standard stations and OVO e-bikes to an e-bike station, and ensure the locks are closed properly.

  • In the case of personal bike theft or if you see a cycle crime taking place, contact the police right away by calling 101.

  • Always lock your personal bike properly with a quality lock.

  • Let people know how important cycling is in your life – it might just change someone’s mind about damaging a bike.

Our Initiatives


The root causes of cycle crime aren't easy to solve, which is why we are using multiple strategies to address them. Below you’ll find a list of the Partnership’s initiatives, which we’ll keep up to date as new projects develop. 

Cycle Ready for Spring 2022

Every Saturday from February 12th to March 5th, we supported Cardiff Council with a string of Cycle Ready for Spring events, hosted at a different location in Cardiff. The events included getting your bike a security tag from the police, learning about bike maintenance, or just connecting with the community of cyclists. To learn more, click here.


Joint Patrols with South Wales Police - ITV 

Being present and active is essential to deter cycle crime. Our service team and officers of the South Wales Police are conducting regular joint patrols around Cardiff to help keep bike share safe. You can check out how we're working with South Wales Police during ITV's Catch up with Wales at Six, skip in to 10:37 to see the action.


Cycling event by Women Connect First

On the 22nd of March, we supported Women Connect First host a free cycling event by delivering OVO Bikes and a virtual station to the area, allowing attendees free usage of the system during the event. The event aims to encourage women who are new to cycling and want to develop their skills or try traffic free cycling. 


More initiatives are underway. Stay tuned!


The Voices of Our Community



Student at Cardiff University



OVO Bikes allows me the freedom to explore my city. I love the peace of mind I get knowing that all around Cardiff a OVO Bikes station is almost always nearby.



Student at Cardiff University



Cardiff is a great city to cycle in, so to have 30 minutes of free access to an OVO Bike 24/7 is really helpful for me, especially when I need to be somewhere at short notice.


Dillon Phillips & Aden Flint

Cardiff City F.C.


The active way to get around our city. Our bikes. Our Cardiff.



Childcare Co-ordinator for Women Connect First


OVO Bikes saves me a lot of time and money, letting me travel around the city and not be stuck in traffic is the best. It's healthy too, as I’m getting fresh air and exercise.

The Community Impact of Cycle Crime


Not only OVO Bikes have been affected by vandalism and theft against bikes across the city, but commuters, students, parents, and more. To find out how Cardiff and the Vale have been impacted, and how best to help, we surveyed close to 1000 locals to get their opinions on cycle crime in their area.

Your insights showed that we have room to make things better together.


1 out of every 3 Cardiffians have had a bike stolen.


Close to 90% feel cycle crime is a significant problem.


How to Get Involved


Looking to help reduce cycle crime in Cardiff and the Vale? Great, welcome to the team! Get involved and lend a hand with these wonderful groups that work to support biking in the region. We’ll also post any chances to support our initiatives here.

Women Connect First

This charity helps Black & minority ethnic women in Cardiff by offering a range of services in order to improve their livelihoods and employability, including bike workshops.


Get involved here

Oasis Cardiff

Oasis Cardiff is a centre for asylum seekers and refugees. It gives people a supportive space and projects to help them begin integration and learn to live in Cardiff. 


Learn more here

Cardiff Youth Services

Cardiff Youth Services work with young people aged 11-25 to develop personal, social and educational skills through a variety of opportunities such as bike maintenance courses.


Find out more

Partners We're Working With:


Cardiff Cycle Workshop




Cardiff Council


Cardiff University


Welsh Government




South Wales Police


Pedal Power


Cardiff and Vale University Health Board




British Transport Police


Cardiff Metropolitan University


Welsh Cycling


Transport for Wales


FOR Cardiff


Cycling UK Cymru


Cardiff Cycle City


Vale of Glamorgan Council