Get Ready for Upgraded nextbikes in Stirling!


Although it’s a bit late for spring changes this year, we still have some nice updates for nextbikes in Stirling. Starting on Monday, July 4th, the bikes will have a new look, new functionalities, and a new process to rent and return them.

Thanks to our wonderful partners Santander, the University of Stirling, Forth Environment Link, and Stirling Council, the Stirling fleet will be temporarily receiving modern nextbike smart bikes from the Santander Cycles Milton Keynes scheme on loan until further development of bike share in Stirling has been agreed.

What does this mean for you?

Changes in Bike Type and Function:

Along with having GPS, the smartbikes have an updated locking system. To properly lock and return the bike, you only need to place it in the designated station area and then manually push down the lever on the frame lock (found on the back wheel) until it beeps. Find out more details here.


Instead of the individual docks at our stations, stations will now have an open area with the existing signs. You can return your bike in this area. Don’t forget to close the frame lock by pushing the lever down until it beeps. Be sure to check your app to confirm your rental has ended and that your bike is in the designated station area. Please make sure that bikes are returned in an orderly manner at the station.

Bike Appearance:

Thanks to our great partners, the bikes that will be serving Stirling will be on loan from the Santander Cycles Milton Keynes fleet. The bikes and stations will now be a brilliant red colour and be called Santander Cycles. Even though they’ll say Milton Keynes, we can guarantee that bikes will still provide Stirling with a great ride and improved functionality.

Tariff Updates:

The operation of the upgraded bikes brings some rate and tariff changes along with it.

  • Pay As You Go rentals: £1 for 20 minutes
  • Monthly memberships: £12/month for unlimited 30 minute rides. Additional 30 minutes are still 50p.
  • Annual memberships: £6.50/month (12-month commitment) for unlimited 30 minute rides. Additional 30 minutes are still 50p. If you have an existing annual membership, the rate will not change until your membership renews.
  • If you have an existing annual or monthly membership, you’ll keep your current rates until the membership ends. You will then need to actively select a new membership from the app wallet. This does not apply to Universtiy of Stirling memberships. These will be automatically updated upon renewal.
  • Service fees for improper returns are now £20 for the first offense, rising to £40 for the second and £60 for the third improper return.

We will be bringing out the new bikes and stations and removing the older ones on Monday and Tuesday. Please bear with us as we make this switch throughout the two days. If you need any information about the new bikes, simply visit our website.