Take part in the Worlds Biggest Bike Ride


Take part in the World’s Biggest Bike Ride!


Nextbike are supporting Cycling UK, who is giving everyone a great reason to get out on their bikes, to celebrate the joys of cycling, and to get as many people as we can to ride on one day. Why not give it a go?


From roadies to mountain bikers, city commuters to family groups, the fit to the not so fit, cyclists from across the country will be getting outside and riding to celebrate the bike and the joy of riding.


It's not about distance or duration, it’s about giving it a go. Any kind of cycle ride counts no matter how far you go or what your motivation is. So, hop on a nextbike and explore the city around you.


To promote the event, nextbike are offering 60 free minute vouchers with the code BIKEWEEK60.


As long as you get on a bike on Sunday 30 May - alone or with friends - if you log your journey with Cycling UK it will count as being part of the World’s Biggest Bike Ride.


The more people that take part in the World’s Biggest Bike Ride, the more of an impact we will have, with a stronger voice to shout about how much of difference cycling can make.


Cycling can – and will – make the world a better place; it improves our health, our wellbeing, our air quality, our ability to travel safely, which is why we are calling on anyone who likes riding bikes to go for a spin on 30 May.


Join us this year and help us create the World's Biggest Bike Ride to start Bike Week with a bang!


How to take part

  • Pledge to ride on the World’s Biggest Bike Ride website
  • Cycling UK will send you tips, advice and inspiration ahead of the big day
  • Get out and ride on 30 May, using a nextbike if you wish!
  • Tell us you took part by logging your ride


The last year has been a turning point for cycling’s status in the nation, with millions more people getting on bikes. Cycling is not just for MAMIL’s or serious enthusiasts, it’s for everyone.


So many more people have seen the benefits of cycling for themselves and can understand the need for welcoming roads and space for cycling.


The Prime Minister has called it a ‘golden age of cycling’, promising funding and other measures to encourage more people to walk and cycle and transform our cities and ways of moving around.


Those cycling have benefited from roads with less traffic, and by celebrating the joy of cycling, we can continue this movement and get more people out of cars.


The World’s Biggest Bike Ride is a perfect opportunity to shout about how great cycling is, and how it can make a difference. Cycling UK want all cyclists everywhere, whether you’re a regular cyclist or one of millions re-discovering the love, to stand and be counted. We want to show the support for cycling, and to inspire people to keep riding.


Around 25 million people in the UK own or have access to a bike: just imagine if everyone all went out riding on one day. All those people leaving their cars at home and showcasing not just the amazing benefits of cycling, but the fun and enjoyment of it too.


So, whether it’s a ride with the kids, a small group of socially distanced friends or a solo ride, join us and be part of the World’s Biggest Bike Ride. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young, fast or slow, prefer to ride on the road or the trails, the important thing is that everyone gets out and rides.


Anyone who wants to take part in the World’s Biggest Bike Ride is encouraged to register their pledge at Cycling UK’s website: www.worldsbiggestbikeride.uk