Roll into the new year with our fast and refreshed fleet



We're back 


It was our resolution to get Stirling nextbikes tuned up and ready for 2022, and we’re excited to check it off our list. Nextbikes are rolling back onto the street and are ready to rent and ride today. We also took this winter pause to make your ride clear and easy by removing stations that are no longer available. All the stations you see around Stirling are now active official stations, and you can always check your in-app map to find the one nearest to you.


You can stay up to date about any changes or events by checking on our website and activating push notifications for the nextbike app. We hope you had refreshing and relaxing holidays and we’re excited for a new year and new rides with you!


Updated station list:


Wallace High School
Old Stirling Bridge
Causewayhead Roundabout
Bridge of Allan
Cottrell Building (Logie Entrance), University of Stirling
Willow Court Residences, University of Stirling
Train Station
Alexander Court Residences, University of Stirling


If you have any additional questions, our customer service will be happy to help.


Phone: 020 8166 9851 | Email: