Santander bike share scheme to reopen - with free rides in milton Keynes for 2020


Note about this special program:

  • If you have already purchased a membership, your initial 30 minutes will be free under your membership. The following 30 minutes will then be free under this new scheme. Rides over 60 minutes will be charged at the normal membership rate of £0.50 per 30 minutes.  
  • If you are a Pay As You Ride user, then your initial 30 minutes will be free under this new scheme. Rides over 30 minutes will be charged at the normal PAYR rate of £1 per 30 minutes. 


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Milton Keynes’ Santander Cycles bike share scheme will reopen on June 8 with an offer of free rides for everyone.


The scheme, which is powered by nextbike in collaboration with Santander, is offering the first 30 minutes of every ride for free for the next three months.
With nextbike members already getting the first 30 minutes of each ride for free, this means they will be able to ride for an hour without having to pay a penny more.
“Cycling is the perfect self-distancing mode to move around Milton Keynes during the pandemic,” said nextbike MD Krysia Solheim.
“We are indebted to Santander for their generosity in helping get this offer out to everyone and we urge people to enjoy traveling around Milton Keynes from a saddle. It certainly gives you a whole new perspective on your surroundings.”
Dan Sherwood, Marketing Director at Santander UK said: “We’re really pleased that we’re in a position to re-open the scheme. We hope that with the gradual easing of restrictions, the local community can benefit from the new offer over the summer months.”
Ms Solheim said while cycling was the perfect way to keep a safe distance from other commuters during the pandemic, she urged riders to take sensible health precautions.
“We remind all of our customers to take sensible and responsible measures when using the bikes, including following official social distancing rules, taking into account hand-washing and hygiene guidelines and not using our bikes if they are showing any Coronavirus symptoms.
“We will be disinfecting our bicycles in the field and in the workshop, similar to our other schemes in the UK. We're also recommending customers wear gloves when using the bikes, as well as washing hands before and after use.” 
Founded in 2004, nextbike is the world’s most extensive bike share provider with more than 200 schemes across 25 countries, including Bilbao, Malta, Budapest, Berlin and Pittsburgh.