Why do I need to pay £10 for a regular fare subscription?

This is your starting credit to pay for rentals or purchase subscriptions if you are upgrading your account.

Will my credit ever expire?

No. Your credit will stay on your account unless you cancel your customer account.

Where can I get a customer card to make renting quicker?

You can order your customer card online from your nextbike customer account or using the nextbike hotline. If you don`t have a customer card you can still rent easily using the nextbike App or hotline.

Can I take my nextbike out of town?

Of course. Just make sure you return the bike at an official station once you`re done.

Is nextbike tracking me while I ride?

All our bikes have GPS in order to prevent theft. Despite that we are NOT tracking you. The bike only sends a GPS location request at official returns or in case of theft.

Can I rent more than one bike on my account?

You can rent up to 4 bikes at the same time with your account so you can enjoy your trip with your friends and family.

If I rent more than 1 bike, does my subscriber tariff apply to all?

No, the subscriber tariff only applies to 1 rental at any time. Other simultaneous rentals using your account will be charged at the regular fare.

How long can I rent a bike for?

You can keep the bike as long as you like. Your account will continue to be charged until you return it to an official station. The charge is £10 per day (£5 as subscriber).

What do I do if I have a problem with my nextbike?

Please check the bike before renting to make sure there is nothing obviously wrong. If you find a fault after renting a bike, you can return to the same station within 3 minutes and not be charged. If you experience a fault after this time, please call the hotline on +44(0)20 8166 9851 for assistance. The operator may ask you to return to the nearest station or lock securely nearby.