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Pay as You Ride

The Pay as You Ride tariff is ideal for casual users who use the bike infrequently. With no annual commitment, the user gets complete freedom.  

30min /1£

24h /10£

Annual Membership

The annual membership is ideal for those individuals who are committed to cycling at least once a week. At just 16p per day, no other mode of transport is cheaper! First 30 minutes of each rental are FREE and a reduced rate is applied for every 30 minutes above. Get your annual membership here.

30min /0.50£

£5 /month

Frequently Asked Questions

You can rent up to 4 bikes at any one time. Please note that if you are an annual/monthly member, your reduced rates will only apply to 1 bike at any time. If you rent more than one simultaneously, the regular, pay as you ride, fare will apply to the others.

Whichever tariff you decide is right for you, the Customer Card makes the process of rental and return at the terminal easier. Cards can be ordered at registration for £2.00. You can also order a card by logging into your account.

Before renting your first bike we need to verify your payment method. To do this we charge £1.00 when you register for any account. This becomes starting credit which is offset against future charges. We accept most credit and debit cards and direct debit soon. 

Credit/debit cards: as soon as the customer account shows a negative balance, a minimum of £1 will be deducted. The remaining balance will remain as credit on the account indefinitely. You can change your preferred payment method at any time.

To link your account to a local partner's special offer, please refer to the ‘Partner's’ page in your account. You will need to verify you eligibility by entering a valid code.

Changed lock code: £10

Lost lock: £25

Return at non official stations: £10

Download the nextbike app now:

Download the nextbike app now:

Download the nextbike app now: